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I'm a creative designer with 6 years of experience in creative and 2 years of experience in digital product design. I always love to create unique ideas that give a good feeling to users and give a great user experience on a product. Let's work together and create a user-centric solution
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User Interface Design

User Experience Design

Creative Design

Brand Identity


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  • 2023 REVE Chat
    UX/UI & Lead Creative Desiger
    Developing engaging and user-friendly websites. Creating design systems to accelerate production. Producing diverse marketing materials. Leading the design team for optimal productivity.
  • 2022 REVE Chat
    UX/UI & Creative Designer
    Produced diverse social media content, including infographics and visuals. Enhanced online presence and brand visibility.
  • 2020 Shorobor
    Graphic Designer
    Collaborated with 17 brands, producing 500+ creative images. Designed packaging, print materials, and brand guidelines for cohesive brand identity.

Latest Project

One Ummah BD Social Media Creative

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Food: Social Media Post

Discover a curated selection of 24 standout social media posts

Hair Food Creative Design

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Hair Food Social Media Creative Design

Discover a curated selection of 24 standout social media posts

Fastol Social Media Creative Design

Discover a curated selection of 24 standout social media posts

Steps for Bkash Payment for the Shorobor Ifter Project

Bkash payment procedure for shorobor ifter project

Shop BD: Social Media Post

Shop-bd social media post design. 13 selective post whice I

Gayer Shaad: Social Media Posts Design

Creative social media post design for gayer shaad

Awrah: Social Media Post Design

Social Media Post Design for Awrah

Creative Social Media Post

We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and software development

Social Media Post Design for Shorobor

Dive into a curated collection of some of the most

My Services

What I do

Web and Mobile App Design

Seamless, user-friendly experiences are the cornerstone of our web and mobile app design services. We understand that an intuitive

UX Design

Experience design that transcends mere functionality. Our UX design services prioritize the user, weaving intuitive experiences into every interaction.

Print and Packaging Design

Make a tangible impact with our print and packaging design services. We understand that design isn't confined to screens

Interaction Design

Enchant your audience with dynamic visual experiences. Our animation and interaction design services breathe life into your digital presence.

Graphic Design Solutions

Unleash the power of visual storytelling with our strategic graphic design solutions. Beyond mere aesthetics, we delve deep into

Art Direction and Consultation

Elevate your design initiatives with strategic guidance. Our art direction and consultation services offer expert insights to inform your




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Highlighting a Few of My Respected Clients

Each piece he create showcases a perfect blend of creativity, precision, and attention to detail. work truly speaks for itself - impressive

Dr. Vikrant Yadav

Owner, Oracare Advance Dental Clinic

His work is truly exceptional. He consistently delivers results that exceed expectations, showcasing a high level of skill and expertise. I am consistently impressed by the quality of his output.

images of sofia


First time using Fiverr, and I’m very happy to have worked with Rayhan. He understood my idea and created the perfect logo. He was responsive and great to work with. I highly recommend his work

Mark Castleton

I've had three logos made in the past directly from designers, but I've never received them so quickly, with the designer getting so close to my ideal concept in such a short time. I'm very particular and had a lot of tweaking to do, and he was up for the job!


CEO, Our Panjabi Life

Actually excellent seller. All designs are very creative and attractive. Rayhan makes a high commitment to the project. Really satisfied with the work. Design was more excellent as I expected.

Anupam Sabharwal

The service was incredibly speedy and handled with a high level of professionalism. The quality of the work delivered was outstanding.


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